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Selling a home with a pet is not easy. Here are my top Do’s and Don’ts.

REAL Real Estate Today - Bloomington Sellers1. During showings, remove the pet from the home.

Pets can be a distraction for both pet lovers and those sensitive to pets (fears or allergies), keeping buyers from focusing on the home. Use a service like Bloomington Pet Pals to take the dog for a walk or a drive, if you can’t.

2. If you have cats, be sure it is clear to Realtors that there is a cat present and if the cat can go outside.

One of my biggest stresses is trying to contain a cat in a house when they are trying to escape (pretty much every cat). Or trying to keep a cat who is hanging around on the deck from going inside because we don’t know if the cat lives there or not. Help make the Realtor’s job easier with your cats so that they can focus on selling your home! Don’t make me run around snowy streets in heels trying to catch a cat. Again.

3. Pet smell is a constant battle.

I know. I’ve been there. Be open to pet smell criticism. A buyer will take ugly wallpaper or countertops over the challenge of de-smelling a house any day. Try things like ionizers, Odor Xit, dehumidifiers, duct cleaning, professional carpet deodorizing and even consulting with a clean up and restoration company (the ones who clean up the smoke smell after fires). A couple of plug ins, a bottle of Febreze and a bath for the dog is not enough!

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