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Real Protection for your Biggest Investment


Bloomington Realtor Deb Tomaro speaks about the benefits of treating your home as an investment:

Do you have a 401k? IRA? Stocks? Mutual Funds? CDs? If you do, how often do you check in on those investments? Whether it is through a broker, an advisor or just keeping informed about the performance of the stock market, most people who have these investment products keep track of how they are doing and are prepared to make strategic decisions about them, should the need  arise.

Why do most people not treat their home the same way?
Your home is most likely the biggest purchase you will ever make. Therefore, it will be the single largest investment you will probably make. And yet, it is your home. Your haven. Your safe place. Your place of memories.

This presents a unique challenge. How do you protect this huge investment yet honor it for what it is? Not a stock or a municipal bond, but your home?
The best answer is to find a Real Estate Professional who understands the uniqueness of this proposition.

Someone who can help you balance the investment aspect with the home aspect of your property. Someone who can help you stay informed about the direction of the local market and advise you on ways to improve your home value, while at the same time, understanding that you may make decisions for your home because of your family’s needs rather than the plusses and minuses of a spreadsheet.

A Good Realtor Can:

  • Help determine where and how remodeling dollars are best spent
  • Help determine the accuracy of property tax assessments
  • Refer you to the best value in home repair contractors
  • Educate you about local factors that impact your property value so you can make informed decisions as a community member and citizen
  • Strategize with you on your life goals and when might be the best time to buy/sell
  • Keep you apprised of changes in interest rates and loan practices


Just see my Real Advice column on this web page for some examples of how I provide so much more support beyond just selling your house!


An Invitiation

I invite you to contact me via email, phone or text. I promise I am not a pushy salesperson. I will NOT call you over and over again, pressuring you to buy a house. Let’s just talk for a bit about you and your family’s needs and goals. Let me help you define some REAL direction on how to achieve those goals. And then we can just see where the REAL road takes us….

Even if you are not in the Bloomington, Indiana area (and for that, I am sorry because it is a pretty awesome place to live!), I can help. I have a large network of Realtors I can set you up with all over the country who will share the same philosophy I do of providing REAL advice, REAL guidance, REAL information to allow you to make confident decisions.

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