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So one thing you’ll learn about me if you follow this blog is that I will probably make up some words
from time to time. It is what it is.

The actual point of this entry is to share why I love Bloomington. When I was presented the opportunity
to return to Bloomington after having attending college and grad school here, one of the first people I
told was my friend, Dan Rennie. He said, “Betty! You are living the dream!” (Now of course, there is a
story as to why he calls me “Betty” but, alas, that is for another day.) Every day since my move, I have
come to realize that I am, indeed, living the dream.

Some day when we have more time, I’ll share the full story of how I came to return, but shortly after
the decision had been made and the home purchase, move, and job change was all in full transition
motion, I read an article in our beloved Herald Times newspaper about something that had happened
just down the road from my new home. I remember it to this day and it pretty much sums up why I love
Bloomington. Here is the article….



There are so many things about this article that make me giggle and give me joy. But it’s this tongue
and cheek seriousness of the tone of the story that, to me, sums up the awesomeness of Bloomington.
It’s this intellectuality mixed with rural randomness (I have a folder full of pictures of cows I have
encountered on the roads in the past 7 years). It’s this duality of being a city with a country feel…or are
we small town with city amenities? We know who we are, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, yet we
hold pretty lofty goals for our home, our town and, quite frankly, our universe.

I invite you to join me in celebrating the Bloomingtonness of Bloomington and I invite you to share your
stories of why you love Bloomington.

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