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About Kristi

An Indiana native with a passion for real estate, Kristi is excited to use her unique skill set to provide home buyers and sellers with a high level of service. She has a background in new home sales, graphic design, and marketing. She earned her BA in Economics from DePauw University. In addition, Kristi has a love of all things real estate, as you will quickly come to learn.

Kristi has a good deal of personal experience with the ups and downs of buying and selling. She is determined to make the buying and selling process as smooth as possible and guide her clients through every step. By joining The Deb Tomaro Group, Kristi will be able to provide you with the services of a team of agents and staff. Their combined experience and knowledge is a huge benefit to clients. Teamwork is important to Kristi. The foundation for that was laid when she started playing team sports as a kid and continued playing soccer in college.

Kristi has been an active volunteer in Bloomington for the past six years. She is currently serving on the Girls Inc. of Monroe County board of directors and volunteering on committees as well as in the classroom at St. Mark’s Nursery School, where her children attend school. Her husband grew up in Bloomington and she feels extremely connected to the community. In fact, she often tells people that her kids are re-living her husband’s childhood as they live in the same neighborhood he grew up in and will attend the same schools. You can find her running, playing at Wonderlab with her kids, losing sleep after watching The Walking Dead, making s’mores at her cabin in Nashville, and walking her sweet dog, Jessi.She loves spending time in Brown County and recently had a timber sale on the property she and her husband own. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, she is pretty sure it still makes a really, really loud sound.

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